Upgrading To Dynamics 365 ?

At Sydney CRM Saturday Greg Olsen (Dynamics 365 MVP from New Zealand) presented “What You Need To Know To Upgrade To Dynamics 365”. It was a very nice and much valuable talk. Speaker not only shared his experience but also packs of chocolates and sweets 🙂


It has helped me understanding planning

phase of upgrade. Luckily Greg has shared presentation and I m sharing link in this post below:


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How to view plugins deployment summary ?

Sometimes we need to know when last time a plugin was updated. This information is helpful usually before exporting assemblies from one environment to other.
In similar way few times we may need to know who updated a particular assembly last time ?

The following LINQ or Fetch Xml query will return this summary:

(from p in PluginAssemblySet
orderby p.ModifiedOn descending
select new
PluginName = p.Name, ModifiedOn = p.ModifiedOn.Value.ToLocalTime(),
ModifiedBy= p.ModifiedBy.Name, Role=p.ModifiedBy.LogicalName,Version=p.Version



Citizen Integrator – Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365

Yesterday at Melbourne Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Group meeting Bill Chesnut (Azure MVP) delivered a much valuable talk “Citizen Integrator – Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365”.

From some basic to latest updates around Flow were covered. Luckily Bill has shared his talk and slides. There is slight buzz in background but it is still good.

Video:  http://www.sixpivot.com/sixpivotblog/

Slides: https://www.biztalkbill.com/wp-content/plugins/download-attachments/includes/download.php?id=9552



how to centralize a html table using CSS ?

To centralize a html table we will need to set left and right margin css properties of table to auto and apply the css class on html table.


how to set cellpadding=0 and cellspacing=0 using css

To manage cellpadding=0 and cellspacing=0 using css we will need to set two css properties. In table css class we will set border-collapse: collapse and in th/ td class we will need to set margin and spacing of td to zero.

Events sequence in page, master page and user controls

Event sequence became complex when master and content page have user and server controls in them. I just tried to check this sequence and my findings are as below:

Content Page_PreInt
Master Page User Control Page_Init
Master Direct Control init event
Content Direct Control init event
Content Page User Control Direct Control init event
Content Page User Control Page_Init
Master Page_Init
Content Page_Init
Content Page_InitComplete
Content Page_PreLoad
Content Page_Load
Master Page_Load
Master Page User Control Page_Load
Master Direct Control load event
Content Direct Control load event
Content Page User Control Page_Load
Content Page User Control Direct Control load event
Content Page_LoadComplete
Content Page_PreRender
Master Page_PreRender
Master Page User Control Page_PreRender
Master Page Direct Control Pre Render event
Content Page Direct Control Pre Render event
Content Page User Control Page_PreRender
Content Page User Control Page Direct Control Pre Render event
Content Page_SaveState

For more details please check this and this.


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